Our Community Health Centers are equipped and staffed to handle the majority of your primary care needs, but when your condition warrants the need for hospitalization or a specialist, we can give you that referral for care.

a) Specialists and sub-specialists for definitive diagnosis and prescription.
b ) For hospitalization as needed
c) Public Health Nursing or other appropriate agency.
d) Education for smoking, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, self-exams, and other life style behaviors.


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APPOINTMENTS: 1-800-720-9553   CITAS: 1-800-720-9553

Need to talk to someone after-hours?
If you have a medical or psychiatric emergency, please call 911.
For after-hours assistance, please call your clinic's main telephone number.

Necesita hablar con alguien después de los horarios regulares? 
Si tiene una emergencia médica o siquiátrica, por favor marque al 911.
Para asistencia después de horarios regulares, por favor marque al número de teléfono de su clínica.