If you need a new prescription, your primary care provider will be happy to see you and do an examination to choose the best possible medications for your needs.  The prescription form you receive may be taken to your local pharmacy to be filled. 

We have two locations with a pharmacy in the building, Riverside Neighborhood Community Health Center, and the Rubidoux/Don Schroeder Community Health Center (Exclusive Care only). 

If you need a refill of a prescription, check with the pharmacy named on the medication bottle and see if you have refills available.  If you are told there are no refills left for the medication, then call the office of the clinician who wrote the prescription and ask if they will refill the medication or if it would be best to come in for an appointment to see how you are doing. 

You may need to make an appointment if your previous clinician is no longer your regular provider of medical services.  Sometimes we can authorize a small amount of your medication until we are able to see you, depending on the medication and circumstances. Our clinicians cannot write a prescription for you unless you have established care in our clinics. 

We want to provide the best possible care and service for our patients.  Try not to wait until the medication is gone because it may take several days to refill the medication or be seen to get a new prescription.  Always let us know if you have an urgent need and we will do our best to help you.  Your local pharmacy will also be willing to help you get your prescriptions refilled.

To make an appointment to be seen by your clinician call the Centralized Scheduling Center at 1-800-720-9553.